"I can't say enough good things about Josh Doolittle. In the 16 years he was at FOX, I worked directly with him on many projects, including the FOX Museum. Josh is talented, dedicated, and enthusiastic - and was always a great guy to work with.
We would never have achieved the success we have without his talent and dedicated efforts. Between the museum and so many other things, you have definitely left your mark at FOX"
— Bob Fox, Founder
"Josh was the driving force defining the look of FOX to the outside world. He continuously offered fresh new designs to complement our product line. His creative energy and drive enabled FOX products to stand out; blending the technical aesthetics of the product with creative design elements."
— Wes Allinger, Executive VP and GM
"At FOX, Josh created and developed the brand look and feel through development of many aspects of the design including: decal artwork, special color development, branding campaigns, media work including ads, videos, race branding, distributor sales material, product point of purchase displays and trade show design to name a few! All the while many times being the face of FOX at events and tradeshows."
— Wes Allinger, Executive VP and GM
"As an engineer, I’m passionate about technology, but the market potential of any tech relies on our ability to communicate with our customers.  Josh owns the process of making our products look as good as they work. He understands both styling and messaging. He makes engineering look good." 
— Phil Tsiaras, Chief Engineer and Lead Technologist, Powered Vehicles Group
“I can unquestionably say that Josh did more to develop the FOX brand than anyone else I know.  I had the opportunity to work with him for over 2 years and his creativity and innovation inspired me and the entire marketing team.  His portfolio of work is a legacy that will forever benefit the corporation, our investors, and future marketing teams which will inherit a brand that is recognized worldwide.  I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a creative professional to raise their brand to an entirely new level.” 
— Aaron Freitas, Director of Marketing, Powered Vehicles Group
"FOX was founded with great product that won races and continues to deliver both great products and wins on the track today, but even great product needs someone to let consumers know it exists. While everyone on the marketing team was highly talented in their respective areas of expertise, Josh was—without a doubt—the cornerstone of team.
Josh and the rest of the tight knit, highly productive marketing team transformed FOX into an iconic brand recognized and loved globally. So much so, that many people have emblazoned the logo on their bodies over the years. Not many brands can make that claim. He and the team should be extremely proud of their achievements at FOX—I know that I am."
— Dan Robbins, Senior Director, Investor Relations and Communications
"For over 15 years, I had the pleasure of working with Josh as a key marketing partner for our annual OEM sales efforts. Josh was instrumental in helping to deliver all that was needed for us to have successful new model year presentations year after year. 
Josh also defined the look of FOX to the world over these years. He took an engineering driven product, and created an appealing aesthetic that spoke to our customers very well. Graphic design can be so subjective, but Josh really had a great eye for what was happening in that moment. His various visual overhauls, whether logo or color based, all did an amazing job resonating with our customer base and helped to elevate the FOX brand."
— Jared Connell, OEM Sales Director
"Josh was not just a hard worker, but also a lot of fun to work with.  One of the things that has made FOX such a great place to work over the years is the culture we have built here. Josh was a key contributor to that culture, always putting smiles on employee faces. Josh also represented the brand in both exciting and fun ways at key events like Sea Otter, where he routinely got on the microphone to entertain all the passing visitors. Josh could easily draw a crowd with his quick wit and confidence.
— Jared Connell, OEM Sales Director
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