Since 2004, I’ve taken FOX through several rebrands and helped steer the brand for all business units in the company, including Bicycle, Snowmobile, UTV, Motorcycle, Truck and Offroad-Race.
"Josh was the driving force defining the look of FOX to the outside world. He continuously offered fresh new designs to complement our product line. His creative energy and drive enabled FOX products to stand out; blending the technical aesthetics of the product with creative design elements."
— Wes Allinger, Executive VP and GM
“As an engineer, I’m passionate about technology, but the market potential of any tech relies on our ability to communicate with our customers.  Josh owns the process of making our products look as good as they work. He understands both styling and messaging. He makes engineering look good."
— Phil Tsiaras, Chief Engineer and Lead Technologist, Powered Vehicles Group
"At FOX, Josh created and developed the brand look and feel through development of many aspects of the design including: decal artwork, special color development, branding campaigns, media work including ads, videos, race branding, distributor sales material, product point of purchase displays and trade show design to name a few! All the while many times being the face of FOX at events and tradeshows."
— Wes Allinger, Executive VP and GM
In 2004, it was blue FOX Racing Shox.
I designed the stationery system, posters, catalogs, print collateral, trade show displays, website and more.
In 2009, FOX started to move away from blue and into the black and white era.
By 2013, FOX dropped the "Racing Shox" because the product offerings weren't limited to just shock absorbers. I designed the seven vehicle icons, updated the stationery system, brand guidelines, vehicle graphics, print collateral, product graphics, all marketing material, and more. 
Also during the 2009-2012 timeframe, the three product series were introduced.
This created an array of additional product logos, graphics, and brand efforts. I began working extremely close with OE Sales, Aftermarket Sales, and Engineering to help determine specific product graphics for the entire line.
My Art Director role quickly became outgrown as I started to also take on Product and Project Management tasks and worked directly with Manufacturing Engineering, the product line, and multiple departments to ensure products made it into production without issue. 
2014 — orange started to work its way into the brand.
It was a combination of the 40 year anniversary, museum project, and the new 36 fork launch happening all at once. I was creative directing and designing all of these items — I took inspirational design cues from the heritage stripes found on several suspension components from the 1970s.
I worked these design elements into the modern day 36 fork and within a year, the retro vibe was in full force.
2016 — orange officially says "I'm here to stay."
Because of the successful global response to the recently branded products, orange becomes the "new" FOX color.
The heritage stripes (red/orange/yellow) were phasing out and the next goal was to make orange timeless, progressive, and modern. The 2017 32 Step-Cast fork was the first product launched in orange paint. I designed the product graphics, paint configurations, packaging, creative campaign, and all marketing items to further push orange as the new standard.
I used secondary yellow highlights in the product graphics as a subtle progressive design element as we started to move away from red, orange, and yellow stripes found in the prior generation. 
2018 — orange is the new black.
To further push FOX as a performance defining brand and to become more timeless, I replaced yellow accent colors with silver and created a slightly updated design shell across all business units. All of Powered Vehicles Group, Bicycle, and FOX Corporate design standards were updated — the next evolution of FOX was officially and successfully set in motion. 
2020 — the latest in FOX brand evolution. New model year 2021 Bicycle graphics, Limited Edition campaign, new website and more.
The fresh new product line for Bicycle division launched April 2020. I was responsible for all product graphics, new custom paint options, the new website, creative campaign, and all product launch assets.
"Josh's work specifically on the bicycle projects show the versatility and creativity he possesses. A great example is the the FOX product offering for 2020 and 2021 – A truly standout effort and a highly successful offering."
— Wes Allinger, Executive VP and GM
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